Brian Wright

Master Wood & Bone Craftsman

To all you river and ocean loving people out there my name is Brian Wright. I have been passionate and held an interest with fresh water and marine life for as long as I can remember. As a boy I vividly remember the underwater pioneer Jacque Cousteau and his team on the mighty Calypso. Along with that great theme song by John Denver. It was at this time I learnt to fly fish and catch eels off the banks of the Motu River.

After nearly two decades of hunting and fishing, with some work thrown in, that the salt water beckoned this Cancerian to come on in and take a peak. After three years of diving on the East Coast with local dive instructor and friend Ian Penny, owner of my first canvas. An acrylic reproduction of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. He suggested that I head off to Cairns, Australia where I achieved my Open Water Dive Instructors Certificate and several other specialties including; Photography, Night Navigation, Wreck and Deep Water.

‘Image Upon Image’ had been gained, logged and imprinted in my mind during this first leg of the journey. ‘The Gathering’ of the subjects mediums such as cast deer antlers, beef bone, various shell, metal and recycled timbers as well as quality tools and safety equipment. And so the second leg began.  Now ‘The Reproduction’ and third leg. Shallow relief carvings, hand crafted models and full three dimensional carvings.

I have had some great advice and inspiration by brilliantly talented people and there for I would like to thank them sincerely. Bill Matches who introduced me to Desmond Baker - Master Craftsman, Antler Carving and Scrimshaw. Gisborne’s Nigel Tansey - Bone Craftsman and the Stone Studio. Finally Rotorua’s Jeanette Blackburn – Artist.

Art has always been there like my passion for our oceans and rivers and their inhabitants. I have always sketched but have had no formal training. I do hope you enjoy these quality originals as much as I have enjoyed carving and crafting them. Please feel free to contact me about my work or for a commission piece or gift.